10 myths about pet reptiles.

Hardly appeared on the planet as a community of lovers to contain reptiles in the home neovadiol to invent myths about the condition and habits of their Pets. As time went on, gossip and misconceptions become myths. And, oddly enough, many prejudices are wandering among the people today. To be safe time and to get acquainted with some strange statements and see the truth.

The first myth. Reptiles slippery and wet surface skin. This is the most stupid myth. Fall for it people who never heard anything about reptiles. Terrestrial reptiles the skin is smooth, dry and elastic.

The second myth. Snake not eating well or has completely stopped. Perhaps she has health problems. To eliminate the ailment certainly not worth it. But to sound the alarm every time it happens, I do not recommend. Look closely. In that case, if in the absence of appetite the snake changed colour /become whitish/ and “whitewashed” eyes, be quiet – creeping friend’s having a molt, wait about a week, she will take off old skin and returns to its previous state. Loss of appetite can also be due to early-season hibernation, sexual activity or papastratou weather changes.

The third myth. The snake spit up the food. Down the drain. Nothing is missing. You may somehow disturb your pet after eating or a snake in the house is too cold or hot. In the end, one can suspect the usual – eating serpent eaten to satiety, and digest food he has neither the strength nor the desire. Skip the next meal, let the pet wakes up. Then feed the snake something smaller, albeit not cycnical. If the incident is repeated belching, bring your friend to the vet.

The fourth myth. All reptiles are stupid and only know how to stare stupidly. This is fundamentally wrong. Although it depends on the species, one reptile will not be accused of stupidity. Snakes, according to experts, the most “unintelligent” reptiles, but they have habits and reflexes. For example, if you each time, opening the “gate” in the terrarium, will treat the snake with tasty treats, after some time, she will crawl to the door and hungrily staring at you.

The intelligence of a lizard depends on its type. Anoles and geckos are not very brainy, but iguanas and lizards are smarter than that. Iguanas, for example, you can even potty train and walks on a leash. Turtles, apparently, the most intelligent of reptiles. They can even train. They are affectionate: can roam around the apartment for the owner, getting tangled under his feet. Experts say that the turtles knew who was waiting at the fridge when they were hungry and came into the bathroom when they prispichilo to wash.

The fifth myth. Reptiles do not distinguish people from each other, they do not care with whom to live.

All reptiles are distinguished people, but not everyone does it in equal scale. Many types of scaly not only distinguish him from other human beings, and prefer it to all the rest.

The sixth myth. Reptiles – self-reliant. Hands they will not be taught. Yes, reptiles are not social creatures, but not beeches. It all depends on the nature of the reptile and its kind. Reptiles-introverts – not an axiom, many people like to chat with the owner. Acquiring a pet with the hope of warm fellowship, pay attention to creatures more docile and calm. In addition, consult an experienced terrariumistov and choose a variety of reptiles, from which in this sense will be more comfortable. Anyway, remember that even the manual reptile can suddenly snap.

The seventh myth. Reptiles do not like being petted and hugged. Many reptiles like to contact a man, though in the wild it is for them unnatural. Turtles, for example, like when they scratch their belly, neck or jaw. Even boa can get used to human hands and allow themselves to be ironed. By the way, snakes love to hide in warm dark corners, so don’t be surprised if your snake will creep to you on his stomach under his t-shirt and sweetly asleep there.

The eighth myth. Domesticated reptile doesn’t bite. The risk of a bite is always there. Once you have been bitten by, so there were reasons. Bite everything from snakes, which sometimes can leave you in pain as a broken tooth, to turtles (small you just will hurt, large bites so that will not find it).

The myth of the ninth. If the reptile is too timid, tame her is almost impossible. Patience and a little effort. Terrariums suggest that you immediately begin to communicate with the creature. Get him out of the cage for a few minutes every day and then carefully put back. Soon the beast will realize that you are not aggressive you can be trusted.

The tenth myth. Looking at the reptile will never know the owner likes it or not. Experts say the reptiles, and all living creatures, have feelings. No doubt, basic emotions – pleasure, aggression and fear. However, after getting used to you, realizing that you pose no danger and are a source of various amenities, reptile will identify you in a group of people and to prioritise. Especially distinguished in this case turtles, all reptiles they are more “strong liking” to the owner.

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