A pet hotel in Zhitomir

Today in Ukraine of animals are a relatively new form of business, and in Zhytomyr such places not at all.

Hotels for Pets have become very popular in recent years because it is a convenient option for owners who go on vacation and do not know with whom to leave your pet. Especially important this kind of business in the summer.

Experts advise, before the opening of for animals to study the market and find out the number of hotels for animals works in your area and what services there provide. Attention should be paid to the selection of staff for hotel, it should be people who are well versed in animal behavior, it is desirable to have veterinary education. In the state there should be at least two veterinary.

It is very important to pay attention to the fact that the foods are balanced and of high quality. Because the power depends on the health of animals, so the food should be of the highest quality possible and you should always check with the owner feeding the animal, buy animal feed is not difficult. For hotel for animals, you should choose a separate room in which in the future will be to set up spacious enclosures. Pomadasyidae well ventilated, it is desirable to have a fenced area for dogs. Walls and ceilings in the hotel for animals must be of a material which is easily washed and disinfected.

This type of activity in the United States requires special licensing. Room for of it is desirable to issue in the property, not every landlord is like what in his room is animals.

Advertise a hotel for animals is better on special web-sites devoted to animals and in local Newspapers. You can place an advertisement near the pet stores, veterinary clinics and pharmacies, as well as near tourist agencies. In addition to courting animals can provide additional services: grooming, combing, bathing, etc.

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