Japan is the birthplace of many unusual breeds of dogs. Ainu, or Hokkaido dog is one of them. The breed was developed by the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu’m going to find in 1000 BC the Dog combines just the opposite at first glance qualities: ferocity, and sweetness, intelligence and aggressiveness, endurance and sensitivity. Strong features of this breed due to the fact that the Ainu deduced specifically for hunting large prey animals in the mountains. Ainu was the beginning of the occurrence of certain other Japanese breeds, has inherited her best qualities. Courage, strength, the ability to navigate in all weather conditions, alertness, self-confidence — those undeniable advantages, which attract attention to the Ainu dog lovers. But isn’t this supposed to be man’s best friend? The Ainu are very fond of their owners, friendly, easy to train. but at the same time, he needs a strict upbringing is the strong character of the dog should be kept under control.

The breed standard FCI №261:

Head. Triangular in shape, similar to a Fox. The skull and the forehead wide, flat. The transition from forehead to muzzle is well seen. Bridge of nose straight. The muzzle is wedge-shaped. The nose is black (dog in white color — corporal). Lips tight.

Eyes. Small, triangular, wide set. Dark-korichnevaya.

Ears. Small, triangular, erect. Hold vertically and inclined slightly forward.

Body. Strong Constitution. The neck is powerful, without dewlap. The withers are well marked. Chest deep, the front part of the chest is thrown forward. Back straight, dense. The loin is of medium width. The croup is gently rounded. Abdomen much drawn up.

Limbs. Muscular, with good bone. The paws are compact, well arched.

Tail. Set high. The dog keeps it rolled up in a ring on the back or curved in the shape of a sickle. Covered with thick hair.

Hair. The coat is short, hard, straight. The tail is slightly longer than on other parts of the body. Soft, dense undercoat.

Color. Monochrome: black, red or brown. Brindle: black, red or white background are stripes.

The height at the withers. Dogs: 48,5 — 52 cm Bitches: 45,5 — 48,5 cm

Weight. About 25 kg.

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