ALL dog breeds and reviews

There are more than four hundred breeds of dogs introduced by man. So, if you’ve already decided what dog breed are going to buy, you still need to pre-weigh all “for” and “against”: to collect as much information as possible about all the nuances of maintenance and care, to explore the nature, meet the people who keep the breed you want, ask all your questions and socialize with the dogs. If you do not change your mind, congratulations! If you don’t know what breed of dog will suit you, then let’s deal with it. Skip our directory of breeds of dogs (we will come back), read on.

What dog breed suits you?

Thanks to the tireless activities of human, dog breeds so diverse that to choose the right for you and your family the breed is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Of course, the most preferred dog breeds we focus on our sensations “like – dislike”, which is not always right. You cannot choose a dog by appearance, not by studying its nature can not take an animal home, not appreciating the amount of time it will require your future friend.

The needs of all breeds of dogs are different . And that’s a plus! Constantly busy at work the man can take his house a dog from small, peaceful species that don’t need regular walks, active young man will choose a tireless dog for Hiking, skiing and Cycling, and somebodyget the big dog of the breed, which is known for its kindness and love for children.

Usually begin with the selection of the size of the dog . Specifically, we have divided our directory of breeds of dogs according to this criterion: small, medium and large breed dogs. Each section has cards of rocks in which you can learn all the basic information.

Next we are interested in the type of wool . The dogs are naked (almost naked), smooth (shorthaired), Wirehaired, longhaired dogs. Some dog breeds require trimming (plucking) a few times a year, while others need a full grooming on a regular basis (wash, vyhasinanie, haircut). Any dog requires grooming, even the most smooth-haired, consider this.

Dogs, of course, differ in purpose . And even now many of them have become Pets, but the character and needs remain! Remember this!

All breeds of dogs, bred for hunting, require regular exercise. Unlikely the cops or spaniels will feel comfortable lying together on the couch. Forest field – that element of the hunting dog breeds . Genetic memory is extremely strong. If you are not able to provide a “hunter” of daily long-distance, be prepared for the fact that, coming home from work, you will discover all the charms of keeping the dog active breed: some changes in his apartment, and, not for the better. Eaten shoes, a broken phone and missing the TV remote is not a sign of bad character, it is the result of a wrong choice of dog breed! Not a Dachshund to lie all day waiting for the master, it is alien to its nature.

Watch dogs of course you will all and from all to protect. And to children they may be considered in very different ways. Dogs that are not natively work in close connection with a person will never to you be fawn on me, as if you do not want.

Popular now husky and Samoyed dogs – sled dogs . working “horse”, they need very good load, will you be able to give in the conditions of city apartment? Alabai were bred to guard territory, fighting breed for fighting, herding breed dogs “graze” all and Sundry, including children, dogs need tremendous mental pressure, they need to feel needed.

Dwarf breed of dog – seems to work fine for everyone, but it is worth remembering that they need to properly feed, EDUCATE, give pet experience, after all, what would a small dog was – she, too, wants to live, to learn new things and to be with you.

Some breeds of dogs are more attached to the person . any less. Those dogs always look the owner in the eye and will do anything you want, but the Chow Chow and husky you actually little need, they always have their opinion and their business. Hounds often make shoots, not noticing how lost, polnav someone else’s cat or dog. Greyhounds need space and lots of running, and molossus frequent but short walks.

Some dog breeds bark a lot, some silent and never “true” for no reason, but keep in mind that always there are exceptions.

There are many nuances of each dog breed, we urge you to study them, before making a decision. When choosing a pet, soberly assess their opportunities, thoroughly analyze all the pros and cons of each dog breed, and then a new member of the family will be a joy. In our directory of breeds of dogs that you have seen above, you can find the most correct and complete information from the leading breeders of Russia.

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