Breeds of fancy rabbits: how to choose?

Decorative rabbits are very nice Pets that can be a good gift for a child or girl. This fluffy ball will bring much joy to its owner, but in order to choose the most pretty, it is better to understand the variety of breeds. At the moment there are over 200 varieties of these house animals, but among them are the most popular.

Leading the breed “American fluffy sheep”, which was bred by the American breeders recently. The weight of this rabbit may reach 1.8 kg, most often the sale is carried out by pet stores of rodents, at least – private breeders. Wool from American sheep long and thick, so requires regular maintenance, and color can be choose from nearly 20 varieties. These intelligent beings are well suited for a family.

This breed – the American Polish rabbit, appeared as a result of mixing British breed with other species. These pet rodents are often featured in pop rooms of illusionists, since trainable, flexible, enjoy playing with children. The weight of the rabbit – about 1.6 pounds, and recognized colors remain blue, chocolate and black.

Russian ermine rabbit is another breed with long fur, but unlike the previous, these animals have more interesource – spots on a plain background, making rabbits more cute. These pet rodents Photos which can be viewed in online catalogs or nurseries, are good natured and calm, and usually weigh about 2 pounds.

Among very small breeds of its unusual appearance stands out of lion rabbit, which got its name thanks to a fluffy mane around the head. Distinguish about 60 species of painting, often weight not exceeding two kilograms.

The smallest breed decorative rabbit – Camembert. Most often to buy rodent decide for a child because it’s relatively undemanding to care for. Velvet short fur and thin erect ears look quite unusual for a rabbit.

But for those who want to impress their friends the largest breed of rabbit decorative, we can definitely recommend the Belgian giant, who often have a lot more 10 pounds, and body length of about 70 centimeters.

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