Caring for turtles, the content of turtles at home

Do you have long or contains turtle?

Water turtle (pond slider, marsh, TrioniX) must be contained in the aquaterrarium with water (2/3) and land (1/3), which should be a rough ladder. Volume of the aquarium – from 100 l Necessary the water heater, filter, UV lamp for reptiles 5% UVB and incandescent over land in 40 and 60 watts.

Tortoise (Asian, Mediterranean) must be contained in a TERRARIUM and not on the floor. In the terrarium should be incandescent 40-60 watt, UV bulb, 10% UVB, the shelter and the ground. The size of the cage should match the size and type of turtles. The drinker of water is needed only for some tropical species, the steppe and desert species of turtles are recommended weekly bathing.

Predatory freshwater turtles in captivity are fed raw lean fish with bones and innards, seafood and plants. Once a week you can give them dry food.

Herbivorous tortoises in captivity feed on salads and non-toxic indoor or outdoor plants which add the vegetables and a little fruit. Once nedelyami should receive calcium and vitamin powders.

Normal water temperature for turtles around 22-25 With and air to water and land From 26-33, depending on the time of year. If the temperature is too low or high, the turtle will stop eating and become passive.

Hibernation for turtles is optional, but also harmful and dangerous if not conducted according to the rules, so it’s best to avoid it.

It is impossible to plant new turtles to available without quarantine.

When symptoms of disease or prolonged feed refusal, you must go to the vet-the herpetologist.

If turtles in an aquarium/terrarium fight or too aggressive — they must be seated.

It is impossible to prevent contact with turtles other Pets.

Common mistakes in keeping turtles:

Buying a turtle as a gift to a child or give to someone without his consent. The turtle is quickly bored, becomes unnecessary and the question of its adoption to other people.

Yielding to the entreaties of the child buy a few “dwarf” 3-5 cm turtles. As a result of “dwarfs” grow to 15-20 cm in a year or two, if not die from improper care and feeding gammarus useless.

Tortoises (and sometimes water) are kept on the floor like cats and dogs and turtles come, they injure other Pets, they get cold, quickly earn rickets, avitaminosis, arthritis and renal failure.

Turtle buy a few so she wasn’t bored, and in the fighting and severed paws and tails. Turtles are loners! And a couple of them are only needed for reproduction.

Turtles fed cheese, eggs, meat, cat and dog food, bread, cheese and other harmful products for the turtles because the turtle eats it.


The definition of a type of turtle You gave a turtle and you don’t know what it’s called? This section presents the most popular types of turtles, as well as the complete list of all species of turtles with descriptions and Photos.

The selection and purchase of a turtle How to choose a healthy turtle how many turtles immediately take? If they are bored? It is better to take small baby turtle or tortoise, which it is possible to accurately determine the sex?

Care and hygiene How to keep a turtle in your hands? How to carry a turtle on short and long distances? How to care for the skin and carapace of turtles? Turtles washing, trimming of beak and claws.

Feeding What and how often to feed a turtle? What food to give? What plants are poisonous to the turtles, and what a delicious and healthy? All about supplements and vitamins.

The terrarium All the information about the terrarium for a tortoise — dimensions, materials, necessary equipment. How to save money on expensive glass case and make a terrarium yourself?

Vivariums All about the aquarium for aquatic or semi-aquatic turtles. What should be the size, what equipment will you need how to decorate it.

Health turtles recognize the symptoms of illness, quarantine, medical terms. How to give injections, to introduce the probe, how to understand x-ray and where to get tested? And also keep a running list of disease turtles treatment.

The breeding and hibernation sex Determination of turtles. Do turtles sleep (hibernation)? How to carry it out? What are the incubators? How to determine fertility of eggs?

Turtle house age Determination and growth rate in different species of turtles. The content of turtles, habits and behavior of turtles. As well as where and who can I keep a turtle if you are going on vacation?

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