Crocodile as a beloved pet

And not because it is a rare pet, many people keep crocodiles in the bath tub or terrarium, but it is on the couch with a Cup of tea, patting his head…. That and look will purr…

Home Hippo is also not everyone can boast of. Jessica – that’s the name of this miracle appeared in the house of Tony Joubert little. After the flood it washed a wave to the family home of Gubertov. They left the baby, but as it grows, growing and challenges. Jessica weighs 750 kg, loves coffee (10 litres a day) and breaks the entire household furniture, but not because of naughtiness. Like most Pets, she tries to climb on the sofa or the master bed that could withstand her weight.

The McRae family has hosted in the house of the newborn giratina, they found him near his home. It is unknown how he ended up alone, and what happened to his mother. The pet was given the name Finney, suckled, and raised. But to part with the newly made family is not going giraffe.

home Rhino only 20 000$

Thanks to a unique project of Japanese scientists, lovers of the exotic can acquire home a miniature rhinoceros. Its length is 80cm, the height at the withers of 60 cm and a weight of only 45 kg. Perliminary rhinoceros Suzy, was born thanks to the project crossing two species of rhinos. The initial task of the project was to preserve the unique animals, but it turned out creating a new unique species.

This pet can those for whom 20 000$ is not money.

But this unusual pet is, literally, fell on my head. Flying mouse, which had a damaged wing, picked up the son of Irina Shumeiko and pritchel home. “To throw the poor animal didn’t have the heart”- says the hostess: “Apparently leaped the feelings of a mother!”. I had to nurse, feed every two hours. With appetite Brooches, so named the baby North is leather, everything is normal, eats as much as it weighs itself. And the restore failed. And the Brooch remained in the family Shumeyko and seems to be fine it feels.

The rooster as a pet is not uncommon, if it is an ordinary cock. But in Sulawesi are a unique breed of roosters laughing, which instead of the usual “ku-ka-re-ku” make sounds similar to human laughter. However, it should be heard.

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