Dangerous animals: destroy or not?

The Studio program “Time will tell” to discuss topics that concern everyone. One such topic – the homeless animals in the city.

The pack of stray dogs continue to attack humans, sometimes with fatal outcome. A week ago in the suburbs of Ufa were found gnawed the body of a 10-year-old boy. Most likely, the child was eaten alive by stray dogs.

In the first part of the program guests of the Studio trying to understand how to protect people from stray animals and pet dogs, whose owners are not able to control them.

The second part is devoted to the events in Ukraine. In Donetsk, despite the truce, continue the attacks, people die. Recently, the international human rights organizations expressed concern about the use in the South-East of Ukraine issetnumberofpages prohibited by international Convention.

Studio guests talk about war crimes in the Southeast of Ukraine, and also discuss the prospects for the sanctions standoff between Russia and the West, and the growth of prices for products in Russia.

Among the panelists: journalist Biktimir And Abdrashitov; Russian state Duma Deputy Rafael Mardanshin ; Deputy speaker of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky ; people’s artist of the Russian Federation Edgard Zapashny ; Russian state Duma Deputy Ivan nikitchuk, the first Deputy Prime Minister DND Ravil Khalikov ; chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko ; the Deputy of the state Duma of Adalbi Shkhagoshev ; Russian state Duma Deputy Frants Klintsevich ; journalist Sergey Dorenko ; Russian state Duma Deputy Tatyana Moskalkova, Deputy head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Yevgeny Nepoklonov ; the Director General of the National Union of producers of beef Denis Cherkesov, Director of the Institute of economy and Finance Valery Sinkov ; the representative of Association of farmers of Russia Igor Cherny ; first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on defense Sergei Zhigarev ; Deputy head of the control of agro-industrial complex of the FAS of Russia Irina Epifanova .

Yes these freaks no that would be to solve the crime blame it on the poor animals, they suffer. It is easier to get away from that. Themselves would.

What kind of nonsense? Anyone don’t need to euthanize! Necessary shelters and without a responsible, reasonable people anywhere!

If we strive to be a civilized country, and the approach to solving the problem of stray dogs and cats must be CIVILIZED. That is, the sterilization, vaccination and shelters. Of course, the question arises: where is the money? Where the amount allocated for this purpose. I am for civilized solution of the problem through sterilization and shelters! I know lots of people who through extreme efforts to save the dogs, treat them, spay and parked in good hands. This is a huge work and very high costs but they can’t help everyone, so you need to address this issue at the state level. Also needed social advertising, so people paid more attention to the problems of existing shelters for homeless animals and took out the Pets, you need to start becoming kinder and more responsible. Most besamusca is basedomain Pets who were thrown out to the mercy of fate. It is necessary finally to establish responsibility for such people (if they can be called people) and a completely insane doghunters, which maniakalnah. passion kill dogs. This at least should alert psychiatrists and a maximum law enforcement authorities.

Tarasova Irina Sergeevna appeal to you.You actually understand what you’re saying? The prison also contained on the taxes that we pay. let’s go to kill the prisoners, so they weren’t included on our money. And the fact that the streets are full of animals blame the people, because the responsibility no no. Wanted brought, wanted-thrown out, and then the same people complains that to walk in fear, and shit everywhere.

Julian A. Zenkov . Russia, St. Petersburg | 13:11 . 01/11/2014

Do those 87 million a year. you cannot build a shelter for these 15 dogs to kill them. Why. where the money goes. why is it no one cares??

I grew up in the Soviet era. And every yard had dogs. They all played with the kids. accompanied us to school. met. We fed them homemade burgers to sandwiches, and ate the bread. And our generation grew up without the phobias and hatred for all living things. All say the people were KINDER, because taking care of animals. And the butchers were, but they were condemned. Remember the great movie White BIM black ear, the music Teacher. What is happening now. People brutalized at all. All the ruined cars, just live in the garage, all rolled into asphalt for Parking and playgrounds, and trees when landscaping pruned the roots and they die. In the summer the fumes from the cars and asphalt to breathe. And again, guilty dogs, cats, birds. Your program about dogs just a good example of how not to work on the TV. The consequences of this transfer is just awful. Killed a man, innocent animals. PORYADOCHNAYA in such cases hot would apologize. How do you sleep? What do you say to God about your terrible lie.

As far as we know, this is only one version, not basic. Rather the issues have to do with law enforcement and the media, work out the issue. The bad thing about this story is the continuation of all that. the authorities cannot and do not want. apparently, to protect us or our and their children from a real threat (the actual perpetrators could not be found); and then. the media in pursuit of sensation hurried to put good information; and that history,unfortunately, has led/will lead to even greater sacrifice (for 2 at least human and not only), mass hysteria and speculatio on this topic. Where to look for the truth, protection, justice for us and our children?

The reason of appearing homeless animals. We need a law about responsible treatment of animals, which for the release of the animal a fine. We must fight the cause, not the consequence. Also, it is very good that the program works sterilization and shelters. I certainly understand that the fall aggravated some disease of the head, but not to the same degree to turn into a Ball and kill a creature that by nature is intended for the man to be a devoted friend. Those who call for the killing of animals is pathetic subhumans.

dogs can’t do that. the work of man.

Please! Make the issue about responsible treatment of animals! Our people are ABSOLUTELY ignorant in this matter. How much can you breed dogs and then shoot? Sterilization Russians consider sadism, and put grown puppies or kittens on the street is the norm. To throw a pregnant dog or cat is the norm. And then wonder why the dog. The shooting of animals are sick, they generally have no place in a civilized society. In all developed countries is the promotion of sterilization allowed, if a person takes a dog from a shelter – he’s a good hero, not clean up after their animals – a wildness, about to throw, I generally keep quiet. And we have homemade boxes with kittens and puppies on each dump. Sadists of course the joy is in whom to shoot, whom to torture, and even excuse some children protect!

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