Do you know what is the impact on the children have Pets?

All parents periodically attacked the child on the topic “can we get a puppy?”, “Let’s leave this kitten yourself”, etc. the Kids really gravitate to the pet, and would gladly have dissolved the whole zoo at home. Some parents have the baby in the family already have a pet, another problem they’re concerned about, not whether the pet is harm to the child as they get along with each other. Pets are certainly useful for the development of the child, but at the same time they present some danger to children.

First, let’s talk about the benefits. It’s no secret that children with autism, even treated, applying for this dog or, for example, dolphins. Communicating with our smaller brethren, the child understands the nature and gets a lot of positive emotions. It improves his cognitive skills and sensory. We can say that animals is the best educational toy . Animals stimulate the development of logic (the child learns to identify the different signals animals, and regulate their interaction with them on the basis of the information received). Pets are laying the foundations of environmental education – the child learns to be careful in relation to prirode caring towards our younger brothers.

Pets also help in the moral upbringing of your child – a child learns to be responsible, noble. From the point of view of labor education, the child learns to independently perform tasks necessary to care for your pet.

Scientists from the University of Warwick found that children are very much attached to Pets. 90% of children 7-8 years and considers them one of the most important components of his life, many kids even believe Pets are more important than friends, teachers and even (in rare cases) parents. But herein lies a certain danger when a pet dies, a sensitive child will be stricken to the heart. The death of a pet can cause the child severe psychological trauma, especially if parents will not take the necessary steps to reduce damages. Therefore it is better to have animals that live a long time or a relatively long time. Rodents, for example, live for only 2-3 years. If it happened irreparable, the duty of parents to explain to the child the care of a pet, coloring all in a positive tone.

For a child of 3-4 years you can have an aquarium or buy a parrot. Naturally, the child will not be able to actively participate in the life of a pet (not necessary, since the birds and fish are very fragile!). So prepare yourself for what will be to care for your pet. Birds can be source of very dangerous respiratory diseases, so as soon as the bird appeared in the house, pay attention to the baby’s breath. If you suspect something is wrong, take the child to a pulmonologist, be sure to notice that you have a home with a bird. Take the bird to the vet, treat it, if she’s infected.

6-7 years is already possible to get a cat or dog, immediately after discussing with the child his duty to care for a pet. Setting the stage for a hamster or rat, beware – they are less “manageable” than a cat or a dog can bite a child and infect many diseases. Vigilantly monitor the health and well-being a rodent! Hedgehogs are not the best Pets, because suffer in captivity. The turtles quickly become uninteresting to children.

If a pet has been in your family for the moment in her child – do not worry, as a rule, cats and dogs get along well with kids. If you are still very concerned about the cat or dog you can give time to your family or friends until the baby will come out of the newborn age.

As for the dangers related to health, you should pay attention to the following. First, Allergy. If it turns out that a baby has an allergic reaction to animal hair, contents of their home is unacceptable. Sorry, will have to look for them other owners.

Cats can be carriers of toxoplasmosis (especially those cats that eat raw meat and walking on the street). In addition, there is “the disease of cat scratch”, which is very easy to get sick, which is reflected in its name. If your cat is aggressive temper, then the child should not communicate. Try to shear off the claws and wean her from scratching.

So the cat is not scratching, but the dog did not bite, it is imperative to spend with the child instructing – you can’t touch animals when they eat, sleep and go about their business. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of injury to the child.

And dogs and cats can be a source of fleas. You need to wash Pets special anti-parasitic drugs. They can also infect the baby worms. If you are in order to prevent to give pet anthelmintic drugs, this will not happen.

All these issues can be solved, if you are careful about the health of his pet and take him regularly to the vet for an examination. Many diseases pet can be vaccinated. Should be very anxious to refer to any manifestation of ailment in pet and immediately contact a doctor.

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