Exotics at home.

People from time immemorial contained Pets like cats and dogs, hamsters, fish, birds. But in recent years has spread the fashion for exotic animals . in particular on tropical insects and invertebrates. Many contain or are planning to make themselves the spiders, despite the fact that we all, as a rule, are afraid of spiders, believing them to be dangerous and poisonous creatures. Someone thinks spiders are scary, and others think that they are scary beautiful. The latter becomes more and more. What, and no wonder! Spiders do not require much space, time, attention, costs, skills, in the end. And the process of growing out the gray and nondescript semicentimetric baby in a big, beautiful and hairy exotic animal is extremely fun and exciting. You cover a tremulous joy, say the owners, when grown pet begins to acquire color and with each molt, becoming larger and more spectacular. But there are some things you should know about the future owner of a spider :

Not to scare you or play with spiders: they have weak nervous system and they can die from fear.

To hold a tarantula is not recommended, they break easily, and drop a few centimeters can lead to death.

Tarantulas are not very good sochetayutsya other warm-blooded Pets, which can injure. In addition, the bite can be lethal to animals because they are more sensitive to poison.

You should always have at hand an antidote if the spider still want to bite its master.

Caution is needed to iron them and not to trust these fragile arthropods kids, not to injure.

Spiders use chelicerae – fangs the poison is very rare, but the hairs on the abdomen is not poisonous, but cause unpleasant itching and Allergy. So the spider is protected, so in a fit of tenderness charmed fans it was not enough on hands will itch for a few days.

Tarantulas – the record for longevity among all terrestrial arthropods. Long-lived are only females. Males, upon reaching sexual maturity, and is 2-4 years, soon die, while the females can live for many years and even decades.

A few months after mating, the female lays a cocoon in which, depending on the form of a spider, can be from 50 to 2,000 eggs. Cocoon “seasoned” for 6 to 7 weeks. All this time the clutch is protected by a very aggressive female. Caring mother all the time concerned about cocoon: moves from place to place and from time to time turns it around. Hatched from eggs tiny spiders called nymphs. A few days after hatching the larva leave the cocoon.

Spiders tarantulas require a lot of attention to itself – it is very difficult Pets . It is important that every person who creat such a pet, realized how much responsibility lies on him, because it is in any case can not be left alone for a long time, and take care of it you need ten times more than, for example, about the cat or the parrot.

The most popular to keep at home are the tarantulas . Theraphosidae (lat.). Perhaps the fact of the popularity due to the fact that unlike other exotic animals, such as pythons, rattlesnakes or chimpanzees, spiders can’t cause much harm to their masters. Tarantulas – the largest spiders in the world . Adult tarantulas in some cases exceed 20 cm in legspan. The largest spider . according to the Guinness Book of records, is the tarantula Theraphosa the blonde, reaching approximately 28 cm in legspan . Although some naturalists assert that they have seen spiders larger, but these data are not officially documented.

In nature, there are about seven hundred species of tarantulas . The majority of tarantulas are not aggressive and pretty quiet. But Asian species of tarantulas are quite dangerous and aggressive, but they are the most beautiful spiders . So the risk probably justified)

Content spiders. For most spiders do not need large cages . but the mandatory litter with substrate for hiding. Spiders are anti-social Pets, so it is advisable to keep them in a single “camera”. For ground spiders and those who like to dig into the ground, you may need a cage with these dimensions: the length of the walls is three times the length of legs and width twice. The height of the “cells” should not significantly exceed the growth of the spider, because they are heavy, and fall, can be crushed to death. The larger size of the aquarium is not needed, as the tarantulas do not need much additional space. The tank must be safe cap, as spiders love to run, but it should also provide ventilation. Better put down the substrate from a mixture of soil and / or peat, the depth of 5 — 12 cm do Not use sawdust or wood chips, especially cedar. In order to hide, the spider should be oak bark or a hollow log, you can also use a clay pot. The spider cage must be cleaned regularly so as not to breed mold, fungi and mites. Tarantulas do not need bright light . especially direct sunlight. Don’t use incandescent bulbs to heat the spiders. For these purposes we need a special heater . for example, of those that are sold in pet stores. Most spiders feel well in a temperature of 22 — 26 degrees . Definitely need a small container of water . in which to prevent drowning, you can place the stones. To feed the tarantulas can crickets or other insects. Sometimes, especially in a period of growth, they need a lot of food, but often they eat once a week or two. Adults may not eat for a long period (a month or two — this is not unusual), especially before molting. From time to time they can offer flour worms and cockroaches. Large tarantulas can be given smaller lizards. Most importantly, do not overfeed a spider and make sure that production is not damaged. This applies to wild caught insects, which may be poisoned by pesticides and other chemicals. When the spider grows larger, it sheds the old skin and clothes new. Molting is a stressful time for the spider. The main sign and symptom of an emergency molt is loss of appetite a few days. For two weeks, until the new exoskeleton does not get stronger, the spider is very vulnerable.

Types of tarantulas. There are many types of tarantulas . Tarantulas can be dangerous to humans and are not dangerous, all of course depends on the species.

The first group of tarantulas can be called safe . No serious effects from the bite, no one was. The same sting of wasps or bees tolerated much worse. Symptoms slabovrajenna. Maybe: slight pain, redness of skin, swelling and itching. Hospitalization is not required, all takes place within a few days. It is with these genera and should begin his acquaintance with the tarantulas. The list of genera:

The second group includes the spiders, the effects from the bites of which are fairly sizeable . Can be: pain, swelling, insomnia, drowsiness, weakness, and itching. Hospitalization in such cases is also not needed if you are not allergic to the venom. These tarantulas can be recommended to Amateurs. The list of genera:

And finally the third group . The effects of the bites of this group is very serious . It can be: very strong cutting pain, long lasting and strong convulsions, severe weakness, drowsiness, severe dizziness, nausea and vomiting. In some cases, may need hospitalization will be bitten. With income can be repeated even a year later.

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