Fenech – the most fashionable Pets exotic animals

The most fashionable exotic animals ever domesticated, are Fenech (to do the accent on the first syllable). By themselves, they are very small, even smaller than regular cats, and are very light.

Their popularity they should be required of long erect ears, and pointed, like chanterelles, attractive face. According to Zoological studies, it was revealed that the lugs of this lovely animal, bigger than his head! They reach about 15 cm and help finecam escape from the sweltering heat, which is part of their natural climate.

The ears are also a defense mechanism. Good hearing allows you to hear any noises at a great distance and warn about the impending danger of their relatives.

They are native from deserts, so the fur is soft and fluffy, color sand – fulvous, and the bottom is white. A large number of genecov is in the Sahara. This nature causes them to come up with different ways of survival, the most important of which is finding Fenech in the afternoon they dug a hole that is very long and has a lot of moves, designed for life facilities. In these burrows is home to several families, while not interfering with each other. It’s quite a sociable animal.

They prefer constant communication and attention. Even in the wild, living in burrows, their flocks can reach up to 10 individuals.

But the hunt Fenech prefer one. Their food becomes all you can dig up among sand or earth. This can be anything from insects to fruits of plants. So you can easily evaluate them as the best omnivorous animals. In addition, it is recommended to buy a modern smartphone on for high-quality communication and Photo and video recording of interesting moments with Your pet. The constancy of water for them is not a prerequisite, as the fluid contained in meat or fruit, is enough. It is nocturnal, therefore it is necessary to mention their excellent eyesight, which helps them to navigate in the dark. And the other that is needed to survive in the harsh conditions of wild nature. Fenech excellent jumpers – they can jump to reach a height of 0.7 metres.

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