From fancy rats can still be infected with dangerous diseases

This post is not intended to scare crisologo lovers. However, the information contained in a note deserves attention, as it proves once again the potential of Contracting dangerous diseases from Pets, in particular from fancy rats. The chance of catching something nasty from decorative rats is small, but it is not zero! But if to imagine that at least half of the hosts kiss and smooch with their Pets, the likelihood of unpleasant consequences increases significantly. The added value of this information is because of documented medical personnel.

I wrote that after any contact with pet and its cage, in-game items, equipment, etc. should be thoroughly washed hands. A number of specific diseases transmitted rodents, as it turned out, not only through bites, but under normal domestic contact with the pet.

Medical journal of Australia in February 2012 described a case of infection women Streptobacillus in Adelaide (Australia), after she had close contact (hugging, kissing) with your pet rats.

Streptobacillus (haverhills fever) is a bacterial disease and is considered to be potentially fatal. If untreated, mortality from Streptobacillus can reach 10%. Vectors of the pathogen are rodents,usually rats, in which the pathogenic Bacillus inhabits the mucous membrane of the mouth and upper respiratory tract. The main cause and source of infection are the bites of rodents, but can also be contracted through water and food contaminated with faeces of rodents through saliva and excreta of animals. Despite the fact that the primary vectors of such diseases refers to the wild relatives of our Pets, there is a possibility of getting sick and from home krysikom, and confirmed that the case of the Australian patient.

Decorative rats can transmit dangerous diseases

Co-author article in the Australian medical journal and a part-time physician at the Department of infectious diseases Narin Bak said the woman was admitted to the intensive care unit with severe headache and fever, against which he developed severe pneumonia and meningitis (inflammation of the lungs and brain). Dr. Buck also said that, as a rule, at risk of this disease the staff are always pet shops, pet owners of rats and Guinea pigs. The reason, primarily, is a basic lack of hygiene.

“Rodents as Pets are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. From contact with domestic rodents recorded more cases Streptobacillus”, the report said. Note specifically that the woman who fortunately, fully recovered, was not bitten. However, she loved to kiss and cuddle her two pet Krusevac. The bite, as it turned out, was not necessary for infection — close contact with rodents may be sufficient to cause disease. The disease also can be transmitted through contact with excreta or saliva of rodents such as rats or Guinea pigs. Possible contamination with the blood of the rat in microtrauma to the skin or mucous membranes of humans.

The representative of the Australian veterinary Association small animals David Mason, commenting on this incident said that many zoonotic diseases can be transmitted to humans from their Pets, in the absence of good hygiene practice. Such diseases may be ringworm, Giardia, felines (cat scratch fever), roundworm, etc.

Sadly to say it (because some animal lovers would react to such information ironically), but Pets at communication should not lick a person’s face, advises Dr. David Mason. Pet owners should thoroughly wash their hands and take care of personal hygiene after playing with Pets. Agree that it is not too difficult.

Do you think that this disease is prevalent only on the Australian continent, and to us, this plague will not reach? No, unfortunately the cases of streptobacillus are recorded in different countries, and the name “haverhills fever” is a disease acquired after a small epidemic in 1926, proizoshedshie in the town of Haverhill in the United States.

As for our fancy rats, recommendations for hygiene and fair for us. Decorative rats with the right content is not more dangerous than dogs or cats, you just should not cross reasonable limits, communicating with their Pets.

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