Fun and interesting facts about Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs – funny little creatures that have become very affectionate once you get used to and begin to trust its owner. Proper care and regular interaction with them will help to build important atmosphere of well-being based on trust.

Here are some funny and interesting facts about Guinea pigs that you might not know:

Guinea pig is a rodent with a small tail and fat body

There are 3 main types of Guinea pigs American (English), which has a short smooth coat, the Abyssinian, which has a denser coat with the so-called “rosettes”, and, finally, the Peruvian, which has a straight and silky coat

Guinea pigs are not connected with conventional pigs. Their name is associated with the country of Guyana, and their body is massive and thick, so they were named Guinea pigs (marine eng. guinea)

The birthplace of the Guinea pigs is the Andes

They are very active during the day and less at night

Guinea pigs love to spend their time grooming each other and themselves, making them very clean animals and wonderful Pets

The weight of a healthy pig is between 700g to 1200G

Length of Guinea pigs ranges from 20 to 25 cm

In the wild Guinea pigs live on grass and polupostelnyj

The lifespan of a Guinea pig is 4 to 7 years, the better to care for them, the longer they will live!

They are grazers and live mainly on grass and hay

Guinea pigs can make a variety of sounds including squealing, chirping, rumbling, and even purring

The most common health problems in Guinea pigs include diarrhea, scurvy, respiratory tract infections and abscesses

Guinea pigs are perfect Pets including because rarely bite or scratch

Guinea pigs are social animals, they are much happier when they live in pairs or in groups

Young Guinea pigs are born covered with fur and with open eyes

Their teeth continue to grow throughout their life, therefore it’s very important that they constantly had something to chew on

Magnificent Pets for the home

Many people keep Guinea pigs as Pets because they are really cute and friendly little creatures. The more we interact with them, the more they trust us. If Guinea pigs sit in your lap, then often they begin to purr and fall asleep even if you will care for and fondle them.

Some more fun facts:

In the wild Guinea pigs live in social groups called “colonies”

Homemade Guinea pigs should get lots of attention and love, to reveal himself as a friendly and cute Pets

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to loud noises.

When a Guinea pig stretches, it shows that relaxed and happy

When they are happy, Guinea pigs are jumping up and down

Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C in the body, so they need a diet which contains sufficient amount of this vitamin

A little history about Guinea pigs

These little animals was once an important source of food for cavemen

The Incas used Guinea pigs as sacrifices to the Sun God in their religious ceremonies

Today, Guinea pigs are one of the most popular Pets in the world

Interesting facts about what we eat Guinea pigs

They like to eat fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of nutrients

They live in the hay from Timothy

Interesting facts about Guinea pigs

The oldest Guinea pig lived to the age of 15 years and got into the Guinness book of records

They have 4 toes on its front feet but only 3 toes on the back

All Guinea pigs are only 5 different types of wool

Young Guinea pigs are able to run just a few hours after birth

If you want to have a Guinea pig, there are many shelters and kennels, where you can find a suitable pet, but you have to think about the two Pets, as they are far better living in pairs. They are not very well live alone, because they get too bored and lonely.

Great importance also has the amount of attention you will pay their students. The more you touch and care for a Guinea pig, the more she will trust you, which means you will be much easier to deal with her, if she would receive any injury or illness. Regular games and Babysitting will also help you to detect dental problems your pet when it will require examination by a veterinarian.

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