How to choose a pet

Many people believe that they know exactly how to choose a pet. It is enough just to walk through the pet stores, look to the bird market and buy a vending pet. However, the reality is more complex: the animal may not like other family members or not, to match your temperament. For example, the couch potato is unlikely to have an active dog, which will have to walk a long time, but the affectionate pet cat will enjoy.

A few tips:

If you’ve never had Pets, it is better to stop the choice for undemanding pet. Fish, budgies or Guinea pig does not require a large amount of time and effort on communication and content.

Estimate the size of their homes. For example, owners of a country house you can afford and a large puppy and a fish pond. But in a small living space freely will feel a small pet, a large dog will create a lot of problems, if not owners, of their neighbors.

Before purchasing rate future expenses: will you be able to buy food, to be timely vaccinations, pay vet services. Even undemanding animal requires a fairly significant expense.

Before you buy a pet, find out the ratio of households to the emergence of a new family member.

If to speak frankly, any animal leaves behind quite a lot of debris, feathers, and wool, and scales, and scattered food, and a dirty tray. Perhaps not all your family members will agree to tolerate the mess.

Also worth considering the presence of allergies among relatives or close friends, otherwise the animals will have to leave. If you want to enjoy the purity and love daily to clean, it may be advisable to have a decorative mouse, small rabbit or a bird. These Pets can live in a cage and do not require complex care.

You can ask for advice from your veterinarian which pet is perfect for your family. If you live in the house with small children, it is important to have someone who’s not too aggressive. Veterinary clinic “fauna” offers assistance and advice of a doctor, also care for the animals, which will be required for all owners. Residents of Voronezh at any time to ask advice from an experienced professional.

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