How to feed a puppy.

Improper feeding is a health problems. In the first year of life the dog has a physical body, bones, teeth, wool cover, so it is important that she eats. There are rules of feeding, which should keep the whole dog’s life.

What is prohibited:

1 . Sweet. Anything that has a sweet dog harmful. Glucose needed for the body, the puppy will get fruit or vegetables. 2. Salt. Large amounts of salt dangerous. Food for dogs can be some salt, but only a little. 3. Fatty foods. Oil, pork, smoked meats, fat sausage 4. Tubular bones, cooked bones. Acute bone damage to the intestines, and cooked bones are constipation and upset stomach .

What is allowed:

Meat. The meat products. In its raw form can give only fresh meat products. Do not try to feed your dog only meat, so you might hurt her. Liver, meat waste prior to use to cook, because there can be parasites and various bacteria. Fish. A few times a week is useful to enter into the diet of raw ocean fish. Proteins, phosphorus, iodine. River fish to give the dog impossible, as very often there are parasites, worms. Egg. Once a week is useful to mix with feed egg yolk. The yolk is useful proteins, egg protein is not very digestible. Vegetables and fruits. In between food, you can give your puppy abaceeli carrots. This is very useful for teeth and digestion. Cottage cheese. Very useful product and in the growth period of the dog, and any other time. Especially because almost all dogs love cheese.

How many times a day to feed the puppy, in that case, if you chose natural feeding :

The age of the puppy Many times a day to feed a 1-2 month 6 times a day 2-3 months 5 times a day 4 to 5 months 4 times a day 6 to 7 months 3 times a day for 12-14 months, 2 times a day the food Temperature should not exceed 30ºC. Puppy should be fed frequently but in small portions, making sure that the stomach was bloated from food, because rare feeding and the consumption of large amounts of food disrupts proper development, the formation of the skeleton and leads to the deflection of the back, the curvature of the front and rear legs, to change the Constitution dogs. Do not give your dog cooked or frozen food. The bowl of food is placed on a stand with height equal to the elbow joint of the dog. As the puppy grew the height of the stand to increase. This requirement must be observed to prevent curvature of the spine of the puppy from the wrong posture while eating. The bowl of food is put on 15 minutes. If the puppy refuses to eat for 15 minutes, the bowl is removed until the next feeding and need to cut a portion of feedings to keep your dog overeat. Remove the bowl for food after each meal, leave a bowl of water and make sure that it was always full.

“The food you give the dog, must be warm and soft. If it is very cold, should be warm, if very hot – allow to cool.Like humans, dogs have to be fasting days, during which she receives only 40% of their usual diet.A little starvation would do her only good. For an adult animal rather 1 fasting day every 2 weeks.To determine how much food you want your pet daily, it is easy. Carefully watch him for 2-3 days.If the dog eats hungrily and long licking an empty bowl, so feed that you give her is not enough, but if the animal eats slowly or while eating strongly swells the belly of the animal overeats.Making diet for dogs, also be aware that contained in food proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be easily absorbed, and minerals and vitamins present in the required proportions. Unfortunately, an excess of protein in the result of metabolism in mammals is transformed into fat deposits; in dwarf breeds, this excess leads to kidney disease, and in especially sensitive individuals provokes food allergies.Food should be warm, not hot and not from the fridge.If the dog has not eaten food for 20 minutes, it should be removed and nothing more to give until the next feeding.

The puppy should receive appropriate medications: vitamins and mineral

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