How to teach your puppy the commands and how to start training a puppy?

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start training a puppy, this article will tell you how to train a puppy yourself and what commands to teach him.

Below we will focus on puppy training up to 3 months, that is, the article contains links to all those teams that should know each puppy is up to 3 months. If your pet is older than that age, then slightly below you will find a link to material on training adult dogs. Whatever the age of the dog, at least one month, at least 5 or 10 years, to teach her commands, always. Be careful when reading material, you will learn about all the commands that are needed in everyday life to control the puppy.

Training puppies from 1 month up to 3.

Puppy training commands start from the 1st of the month. At such a tender age you will teach your puppy the most simple but essential commands. The training takes relatively little time, most of it the baby to play and move a lot.

At a young age to train throughout the course so far is useless, because the whole mental activity of a busy puppy pranks and anything else but not obedience to the master. So give your puppy to be a child, to train him you will always have time. Now is the time podgotovitsya when the puppy is older to teach him more difficult commands and to be considerably more demanding.

So, now you will learn how to teach your puppy the commands, but not to write all the details of the training each team in one article, for your convenience links, which contain all the details of learning. Just click on them to learn more.

Team “fu” is a very important team that is able to protect not only your Slippers from puppy teeth and carpets from the puddles, but even the inexperienced to save animal life. Team “fu” will help you to resolve most behavior problems and eventually to raise an obedient dog. Certainly learn how to punish the animal. Puppy will often hear the command, but an adult dog is much less, because they will already know what to do and what not.

The command “come” is a highly important command, after reciting which the puppy should happily rush to the master with the speed of a rocket. Achieve approach the puppy with only one team, no duplicates, otherwise you will repeat the same command several times, and nothing will (the dog will think that with one command to obey is not necessarily and only after several retries).

The command “come” will protect the animal from many troubles. For example, while walking the puppy may not obey the master’s call and felt the spirit of freedom, fly away to revel in the will somewhere away from the host. Without control baby can get under the car, to escape for street animals or, if the puppy is grown, to jump to humans. Time saying “to me” the owner will call the animal, thereby saving him from many troubles. It is better to teach your puppy since childhood – an adult dog to train and retrain more difficult. The puppy enthusiastically ran to the groundwater, it is necessary to interest him. Use treats, toys, regular food and any tricks as long as the puppy ran up.

Nickname of puppy is used to recall. Name the nickname of a puppy and entice him with a treat toy or a bowl of food soon, he will be glad to escape hearing his name. Over time, the nickname will be used more for the care of the dog (that didn’t really need) at the host, because the nickname will replace the command “come”.

The command “next” will be used whenever you leave the dog home. A puppy up to three months, it makes no sense to teach strictly to run this command, as it still can’t do it. But with 3 it is time to achieve correct execution of the command “next”. But what if puppy pulls on the leash much and you have no way to deal with it? Then proceed to the training of this team despite his age, but don’t be too strict. Just make it not pulled the leash.

How to accustom the puppy to the place. The puppy should be his place and he should know where it is. But not critical, if he sleeps where he pleases. The main thing is that it does not interfere with the hosts themselves.

Aport. Perfectly this team a little puppy will not perform. But to teach it as early as possible. Aport need a team that will help better to walk an active puppy and an adult dog. The people counting the dog as a defender you should consider her physical development. By the way, AltaVista is a mandatory step on the road to learning to search the area.

The first classes. How to start training a puppy?

Before you get the puppy to the tray will learn to use the command “fu”. After the tray, depending on the age and goals, it’s time to housebreak outside.

Despite the tons of conflicting information feeding puppies is not complicated. Soon you will find how to make the diet its power.

First of all, you should know how to teach puppy commands as quickly as possible. To feel the result already in the first lesson – follow step-by-step recommendations and advice. Would not be logical to place the entire flow of information in one article, so detailed explanations on the implementation of a team are given in each of the articles posted on the links.

How many times a day to train a puppy? Puppy up to 3 months more taught the commands in daily life or in the coop. That is, you don’t want to have classes with him, just train at home when you play or walk around the Park. For example, the command “come” will be fulfilled at the time when you want to call the puppy in for a game or just give away the Goodies. “Fu” the puppy will hear if you make a puddle or starts to chew on furniture. Aport he will keep bringing you a toy, etc.

Always ensure that the puppy has performed the command the first time. Does not work? Nothing terrible, all the time. Learn to correct your mistakes, and the puppy DEFINITELY will listen to you. As you will soon learn – learn how it.

The command “come” and the dog’s name is very similar. Some believe that it is necessary that the puppy is just reacting to the nickname, but not like you heard it. But since this does not make sense – do not bother, and just encourage approach after reciting the names.

Training a puppy is older than 3 months.

Older than 3 months the puppy has to train as an adult dog. Of course, no need to be too strict, because the psyche of the animal at a young age are fairly weak. If your puppy is over 3 months, start to read an article about how to start training.

And finally, do not miss the opportunity to see a fun video below. Good cheer you need when training your puppy commands

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