Labrador puppies.

First the necessary knowledge for owners of puppies

Before you bring a puppy into the apartment, make sure that he didn’t have access to small items (swallow) and electric wires (to avoid injuries). The floor in that place where will be held the puppy should not be slippery (to avoid incorrect placement of limbs) and cold.

To feed Labrador puppy: from 2 to 3 months 5 times a day ( night break) with 3 to 4 months – 4 times a day ( night break) with 4 to 5 months – 3 times a day ( night break) with 5 months to feed 2 times a day ( morning and evening)

Use only professional food grade super premium and premium ( Eukanuba, Hills, Royal Canin, etc.). Do not use feed economic class! The food should match the age of the dog and the breed.When using Eukanuba Puppy & Junior Large Breed with chicken for pups of Labrador is better to use it before age 18 months (not 12 months as stated in the instructions to stern). For dogs predisposed to allergies use food with lamb. In 1.5 years to switch to adult Dog food Eukanuba Adult Large Breed. The rate of feed depending on the weight and age of the puppy on the package. The daily rate of feed needed to divide the number of feedings. In faceted glass contains about 100 g of food.

A rough plan of vaccinations (every vet has their own vaccination scheme): 1) 2 months (worms shouldn’t drive, because worms were run in 1.5 months). Preferably the vaccine Eurikan, Tetradog or Vanguard. 2) 2 months 3 weeks (the worms shouldn’t drive). Repeated vaccination . 3) 6 months (10 days prior to vaccination is necessary to banish worms). Hexadog. 4) 6 months and 3 weeks (the worms shouldn’t drive). Hexadog. 5) 1.5 years. (10 days prior to vaccination is necessary to banish worms). Hexadog.

Continue to vaccinate times in 1 year For 10 days prior to vaccination is necessary to banish worms (Drontal, Cestal) depending on dog’s weight ( 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight ).

Worms: 1) 3 weeks (children suspension Pyrantel – dosage to check with the vet, depending on the weight of the puppy), 2) 1.5 months (Drontal for puppies dosage to check with the vet, depending on the weight of the puppy), 3) 3.5 months (Drontal, Cestal). To 10 months to drive the worms every 1 to 2 m sample, after 10 months – 1 time per quarter.

Prevention of piroplasmosis and the remedy for fleas. For puppies best suited drops on the withers frontline 1 per month. Only one should not forget that prevention does not eliminate 100% of the mites. Talk to your vet. After each walk ( especially during periods of activation ticks) carefully inspect their Pets. If You found a tick crawling on a dog’s body, it should be easy to remove and neutralize. If a tick has already bitten, it must first be removed from the body of the dog, and then during the week to monitor the condition of the dog: color of her urine, appetite, temperature, mood. In case of suspicion urgently, without delay, contact your veterinarian, the delay may cost the life of your pet.

To remove the tick from the animal’s body . need to pierce the body of the tick with a thin needle and gently twist ( rotate the needle around its axis ). Mites don’t need anything dripping, and nothing to lubricate. This manipulation does not require You special skills, the procedure is quite simple. After You have extracted the tick, the bite should be treated with hydrogen peroxide 3%.

The medications that should be in your medicine Cabinet: 1) hydrogen Peroxide 3% (antiseptic), 2) Chlorhexidine bigluconate 0,05% p-p(antiseptic), 3) Eye ointment or drops 4) Baby powder (diaper rash and skin irritation), 5) Disposable syringes without needle (for the treatment of lacerations peroxide and for introduction of liquid medication orally, 6) Activated carbon (for upset stomach). 7) Sulfanilamide (powder).

Not allow: 1) Approximately up to 6 months to allow the puppy to be on the couch, bed, etc. (to avoid injuries ), in order to play with him, better to go down on the floor ( in the interest of the puppy). 2) do Not stroke the puppy’s ears, tail, not to spoil the set. 3) In the mixed dentition do not pull the puppy toys out of his mouth, so as not to spoil the bite. 4) to prevent damage to furniture, to buy the puppy a bone giovannie ( sold at the pet store). You can give them and during the change of teeth. 5) to Run after the bike (only 1.5 years). 6) the Command to “Serve”, “to Creep”( only after 1.5 years). 7) Towing sleds (only after 2 years).

Puppies do not: 1) Potatoes 2) pork, 3) peas, beans, soybeans, 4) small bones 5) sweets, 6) smoked meats (and cooked sausage).

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