Peruvian Guinea pigs

Peruvian Guinea pigs have long, soft, like silk, wool, among breeders they are very popular.

Appearance description

In Guinea pigs Peruvian breed the body is short, broad, stout, head short, well developed, shoulders broad, back straight. The eyes are large, brilliant. The lugs in these animals, hang down, but do not apply to cheeks are like the petals of a rose. The fur is straight, shiny, silky, easy to comb. As outlets of wool, they must be two and they should be placed on the sacrum, another little twist is on the nose. Coloring Peruvian Guinea pigs varied, there are both monochrome and multi-colour colors. A description of the nature

Peruvian Guinea pigs have gorgeous appearance, agreeable disposition, trusting and loves human attention.

The pros and cons of types

As among all the long haired Peruvian Guinea pigs at first glance can scare off a length of wool and available in connection with the problem to care for. But the thing about their hair is that hair silky and easy to comb, which allows not to resort to frequent grooming of these pigs.

For Guinea pigs Peruvian breed need the cage where there is a pallet with the dimensions of about 80 by 70 cm, height about 40-50 cm. the Cage is best to put on well lit area, but where there is no draft. You can release Pets populatio the apartment, but be careful, because if your animal wants to hide from you, it will be hard to find. Plus, they are rodents and their sharp teeth can ruin furniture, carpets, wiring, etc. Peruvian food for pigs is the same as for all members of the family: vegetables, hay, fruits (like apples), oats and finished feed sold in pet stores. In pet stores you can buy special food that will allow you to be the fur of your pet even more ardent, shiny and beautiful.

Size: about 30 cm Weight: average weight is from 1000 to 1500 g. Gestational age: on average 68 days Number of young: 1 to 6 cubs.

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