Pet for a child – who to choose?

At preschool age most children are dreaming of your own pet. They “bought” furry friend to Santa Claus, asking the relatives as a birthday present, trying to take home every dog on the street a kitten or puppy. At some point, the parents decide to encourage your baby’s desire, but then are wondering what pet to choose the child of preschool age, so that he could cope with Babysitting and taking care of the pet.

Make an informed choice

Parents and children should understand that a pet is not a toy but a living creature that requires not less attention than all other members of the family. You need to create a comfortable environment, not only to build their own area, but also to provide the necessary care. Naturally, the responsibility will have to distribute among family members, because their own to “educate” pet preschooler is unlikely.

As for the choice of a pet, here you have the following options:

Cat . Not very fastidious in the plan of care is quite clean, and wash yourself daily walking does not require. However, cats are skittish by nature, especially if we are talking about some specific breeds, such as Siamese or British cats. The kid must explain the rules of conduct for obshenii these Pets and to show. In General, cats get along quite well with preschool children — allow to stroke himself and participate in joint games.

Dogs . This is a friendly, active and very smart Pets, dream of almost all children. Naturally, their top quality dogs are only after training, so it’s important to go with the new pet training dog handlers. In addition, dogs need daily walk, and this can quickly become annoying little animal lover. Be prepared for the fact that a large part of caring for the pet would fall on the shoulders of parents.

Rodents . If the child asks to have a pet, but cats and dogs, for one reason or another, do not seem the most rational option, you can opt for pet rodents. Hamster, Guinea pig, domestic rat, rabbit, all these animals are quite suitable for families with children of preschool age. The best option, however, will be a Guinea pig — a rodent friendly, intelligent and unpretentious. Have you and rat, but not everyone likes their appearance. Hamsters often bite and are mostly nocturnal. As for rabbits, they need a large cage and meticulous care that preschoolers may not provide.

Fish. It would seem that with such Pets can easily make a kid of any age. However, aquarium maintenance can not be called simple — you need to monitor the cleanliness of the water, time to feed the fish, provide the necessary aeration and illumination. If you decide to set up an aquarium for the preschooler, it is better to buy one or a few undemanding goldfish and put them in a small aquarium.

Birds. For kids birds are unlikely to become the preferred option pet. It is difficult to play, and care for the cells must be regular. By birds too, not quite comfortable in families with young children — toddlers are very active and noisy, which forces birds to worry and worry. If the child himself wanted to get a bird, the choice should be stopped on budgies because they are the least whimsical.

Reptiles. Some children show increased interest in “exotic” Pets, like snakes, lizards, turtles. Not all parents agree on such an unusual neighborhood, especially given the need to create certain conditions for living reptiles. Caring for these Pets requires responsibility not only from children but also from other family members.

Useful tips

There are a few tips about selecting a pet, which probably useful to you:

Even the most seemingly unpretentious pet requires regular and careful maintenance. Children of preschool age with all the responsibilities are unlikely to make, so adult help will be simply necessary. If you are not able to provide pet adequate attention to make it not worth it.

Children often bring home stray animals are often malnourished and require the assistance of a veterinarian. Do not scold the child and do not drive an unexpected “guest”. Try as much as possible to help the animal, and then to attach it in good and caring hands. This behavior will teach your child to empathize with and help smaller brothers.

Before you bring home a pet, make sure you know whether the baby is allergic to the fur and saliva of animals.

When choosing a pet you need to consider several other important factors: the life expectancy of the animal, the presence of free time in adults, the area of flat material capabilities and individual characteristics of the child. And remember that Pets are full family members, so their appearance should be a conscious decision and taken together.

And your family has a pet? How responsible is the child to care for him? What, in your opinion, the animal is best suited for families with preschoolers?

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