Pet rodents and all that is connected with them

The attitude to these animals most people is far from clear and not always friendly. Despite the fact that in nature there are many species of rodents, some of them gained fame as human Pets.

Not to mention, rodents such as mice and rats have traditionally cause a feeling of disgust and revulsion. But it if to consider them from the point of view of the carriers of infections. But pet rodents can give the joy of communicating with them, to be obedient and affectionate companions.

What we like and don’t like mice and rats

Take, for example, decorative mice. Try not to equate them with other tailed brothers who are digging in the trash near the house. These decorative animals can be variegated or solid color, can be long-haired or curly. In General, there is plenty to choose from! White mice are small animals, long ago gained fame in the laboratories. How many of them went on experimenting with different drugs, influence of physical and chemical processes. A lot of blood spoiled them and genetics.

Decorative mouse can have black and white fur, some of them have clearly defined white pojasnichno on the body. There are even rodents with different color combinations in the color of the body. They are also classified according to the type of wool. Short-haired rodents have traditionally trasnochadas with a characteristic metallic luster. More like long-haired fluffy lump.

However, these animals easily get used and even become attached to the person. They are able to distinguish the hosts by smell, very sociable and smart. These wild, but not too much, rodents are ideal for keeping in apartments, but keep in mind that their teeth are very sharp. Better to keep them in cages or glass aquariums that are equipped with feeders, drinkers and many toys for sharpening the teeth.

Mumps associated with the sea

Other very showy and exotic animals-rodents – Guinea pigs, which cause confusion with their name. Indeed, these rodents are to the sea have nothing in common. However, tamed them for a few thousand years BC. Subsequently, they enjoyed great popularity among the nobles and aristocrats. Some of them are distinguished by their thick, long hair. Most of the pigs has a very calm and even phlegmatic by nature and well suited for keeping in a metropolis.

These pet rodents can remind plush balls, rolling around the apartment from room to room. They are also popular among kids because looking at them, it’s tempting to take the hands of these frolicking animals. Their showy coats also require some care, including regular combing. On them it is impossible to watch without emotion, before attractive these Pets!

Our favorite rabbits

Continuing the theme of pet rodents, I want to make a small introductory lecture on rabbits. Most often, at home contain dwarf species. These amazing animals are similarly unlikely to leave indifferent children and adults. The unusual breed is Angora rabbits have delicate white undercoat. They resemble small stray lumps of wool.

By the way, all small and big rabbits, kept in captivity, require combing wool. Otherwise, we’ll have to ruthlessly cut the whole pieces. Quite popular lop-eared rabbits, with ears hanging down, a large forehead and large eyes. Another popular breed is the dwarf butterfly. This is perhaps the smallest of all decorative rabbits. Some rodents resemble decorative chanterelles – they got the name Fox rabbits because of the similarity of its coat.

Hamsters keep all

Despite the fact that hamsters are very small and harmless little animals, they just need a comfortable accommodation. Their popularity is so great that it is difficult nowadays to meet someone who wouldn’t at the time, this little being. They are quite fearful and vindictive, and communication with them should be quite long, and damage the relationship for a minute.

For all that, these rodents-the crumbs get used to the sound of their names and even learn to recognize it. But they are so shy that next to them you can’t wave your hands to make any sudden movements or raise your voice. To hamster used to master quickly, it can and should take in the palm, but this should be done gently and carefully. These rodents do not like being covered from head and immerse in the darkness – such actions will lead to stress pet.

Although the bite of hamsters are rarely recorded, we should not forget that it’s still too rodents, although small. If this happened, then something startled the animal and it was forced to defend himself. Even the most cowardly of the hamsters quickly become accustomed to their master with skillful treatment.

How to care for a chinchilla

Than proved himself in the conditions of home detention chinchilla is another type of rodent? Perhaps your culinary whims, for the most part. Fresh and dry grass is the basis of their diet. But do not forget about the various vitamins, minerals, organic substances that complement the diet of the animal and make it full. Modern owners often feed them granulated feed designed specifically for this breed. During the day the animal is able to eat a couple of tablespoons of food.

Feed on these rodents once a day, in the evening. You should always ensure that polacca was clean and fresh water is better filtered, but not boiled. In the summer months you can pamper your pet with workpieces of different herbs – dandelion, mother-and-stepmother, alfalfa, chamomile flowers. The grass is first well washed, and then dried in shady place.

Main varieties of rodents

Here are the main types of rodents alphabetically.

In this list it is impossible to gather all the representatives, so it got the most common and interesting animals





dwarf rabbit;

rat grey;

mouse home;

mouse spined;


pig of the sea;




jerboa field;


chinchilla and many others.

What unites the wild and domestic representatives of the detachment

Meanwhile, the biological characteristics that are similar between a wild and domesticated rodents are their teeth with special structure. It allows the animals to chew food and items that are very rigid in their structure. Their incisors are very long by themselves, eroding slowly, and the surface of the tooth for a long time, remains acute.

Some rodents have cheek pouches. You can see them even in domestic hamsters. It is a kind of cavity between the jaws and lips. The role of the storeroom where the animal can put the food supply for the future. Thanks to the ability to fast reproduction of rodents are characterized by somewhat more rapid rate of evolution compared with other groups of the animal world.

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