Pets and young children

Can you live in an apartment with small children and Pets is a moot point. On the one hand, the ads are filled with messages like: “will Sell/give for the birth of the child.” On the other — if a good rummage in memory, many will remember how in my childhood desperately want to have a friend-pet.

Background: at the time of the birth of a baby girl we lived a cat, a rabbit and a tortoise (the latter now moved). I recall that this question was seriously disturbed. Can we do it? So, it seems possible to draw some initial conclusions. Let’s start with the discomfort.

Disadvantages of finding animals around children


When the house comes to a newborn child, one begins to appreciate the precious hours of his sleep. And now the whole family walks on eggshells around the crumbs. It is a pity that some Bunny/cat/turtle unable to agree, and, should the baby to sleep, especially as they begin to whisper, a paw beat, stomp, scratch, meow, yelling bad voice and tried to wag your nerves. Actually have and use: now my baby manages to sleep in any noise. But to popsihovat had pretty.

How to cope? You can try to relocate the unruly neighbor to another room. It works just not with every. Cats in principle does not forbid to move about through — out, in any case, clearly the owner feels. Rabbit 2 months of dwelling in another room then you like died — began to refuse food. Not otherwise, as decided by dumping him. I had to urgently return to their hearth and home. And only with the turtle happened.


The challenge for the children and animals of any age. More precisely for parents: kids just not notice. Wool, dust, sawdust, litter tray, feed — here is a partial list of interesting places one should definitely feel and taste. I’m making up for not panic, just need to know what to prepare.

What to do? There are 3 options:

day and night rush in the search mode with a rag around the apartment;

philosophical approach (“away all the dirt of the world will not save”);

a happy medium, clean without fanaticism, to follow child. After all, if so to reason, and on the street, there’s — Oh no!- earth and dirt and something worse comes.


A serious situation to deal with it is difficult, tedious, and in severe forms is impossible. It’s doubly disappointing when you have to leave with your pet for the reasons, from you not dependent.

Bites, scratches

I believe that is kind, loves children cats and dogs that have never touched little weasel, even if the whiskers and the tail. And I believe that a couple of times to get the change (within reason) from home, the familiar pet helpful. Better than any persuasion or explanation and to remember that “hurting the little ones can’t”, and that animals can be dangerous. But next time, maybe something will click in your little one’s head and not getting to stroke a sick street cat or a stray dog. So, it’s not a minus at all.

Fragile creatures.

Rodents, rabbits and other gentle creatures is generally not recommended to have in families with young children — too easy to harm them. But what if the animal appeared long before the baby is born and managed to become a real member of the family? Not to refuse, of course. Just be prepared for the fact that you have to follow, to watch, to explain, to protect, to show and again to watch. As usual, however.

The benefits of communication between children and animals

The care and sense of responsibility. You can use the presence of a pet for educational purposes: that will teach caring for others is better than a small defenseless creature around?

Psychological effect. What peace you feel, running his fingers through soft fur or watching the leisurely swimming fish! It is known that the presence of the animal makes the psychological climate in the family more comfortable.

Development of communication skills. Animals for kids is, first and foremost friends who are not in a hurry and never busy. Not to mention the fact that some Pets are amazingly intelligent and able to partially understand speech. What else do you need for communication?

Health benefits. It is well known that Pets have a positive effect on health of household: strengthens the immune system, stabilize pressures, etc. For families with sickly children is a double plus.

The opportunity to play in childhood. Unrealized childhood dreams is imprinted on all further life. And, as an adult, still can not safely pass the window with fluffy lump. Can, get what you want in time, the child will be safer to treat this?

As you can see, the number of negative and positive factors is almost equal, but what about the qualitative superiority? How to evaluate the benefits of psychological effect of communication between children and animals . From the experience of caring for animals? In short, if you wish and conditions allow, why not have a pet.

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