Pets reptiles

Metropolitan veterinary doctors warn that owners of reptiles need to be alert. Pets lizards, turtles and snakes can be perfectly healthy but be carriers of the deadly human Salmonella. Victims of Salmonella most likely to be children under 4 years of age, patients with goiter, and people with immunodeficiency syndrome.

In 2011, the bacteriological Department of Gorvetlaboratoriyu animals tested for Salmonella . Experts took a sample of the biomaterial 2224 mammals. In 31 sample veterinary doctors have found dangerous bacteria. The rare serotypes of Salmonella found in 19 of them. They belonged to a reptile.

So as not to endanger yourself, vets are advised to follow all the rules of hygiene after contact with reptiles . Even healthy Pets should be treated as potential carriers of Salmonella. After each touch of them, and after cleaning of the terrarium should wash their hands with soap and water. Owners of snakes, lizards and turtles need to remember that adverse conditions only increase the number of carriers of Salmonella.

For reference: the Salmonellosis – an acute infectious intestinal disease caused by numerous pathogens of the genus Salmonella. Scientists have known for more than 700 species of Salmonella. They are stable in the environment, tolerate low temperatures, but quickly pogibayut high. Can actively multiply in foods, especially in meat, eggs, butter, milk and products from it. Particularly difficult to carry this infection infants.

In fact the theme: to Bring the harm to human health can not only reptiles . In Australia because of the love of rodents 26-year-old woman 17 days in hospital. In her house lived two rats, which she often caressed and kissed. Animals were manual and as I thought the Australian girl, perfectly healthy. But when the girl, every day he felt worse and worse, turned to the experts, the doctors found in her blood streptobacilli. This dangerous bacterium sadoki the deadly diseases transmitted to humans from rodents.

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