The Germans are convinced that Pets have a positive influence on children

Over 80 percent of Germans believe that Pets have a positive effect on children’s development. Science confirms that Pets develop a child’s sense of responsibility already at an early age.

Pets have a positive influence on the development of young children. Believe nine out of ten Germans, evidenced by a recent survey conducted by the sociological Institute of the Bremen TheConsumerView (TCV). The survey involved a thousand respondents, both with and without Pets.

“Overall, 88.7% of respondents believe that children’s development proceeds more efficiently if they are already at an early age have regular contact with Pets,” said the officer TCV Uwe Friedemann (Friedemann Uwe). Naturally, among the pet owners level of conviction in this (95.9 per cent) higher than among those who have Pets does not have (74.7 per cent).

More of a positive impact of Pets on the development of young children believe dog owners (98.2 percent). However, the level of conviction is very high and among cat owners (95.3 per cent) and poultry (90.3 per cent).

By the way, numerous scientific studies confirm the view that due to the contact with domashneeporno children at an early age develop a sense of responsibility and social skills.

Editor: Sergey Gavrik


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