Undemanding Pets

In a city apartment is sometimes very lonely. You come home from work, and you are met by a vacuum — nothing living. So sometimes creeps thought: what about getting a pet? But, alas, they immediately encounter a number of doubts. Most of the day I spend outside the home, and the animals should be looked after. And on weekends often leave. What if I want to go on vacation? Such thinking leads to the erroneous conclusion that to have one and not need. But there are a lot of interesting Pets that can live with you under all these challenging conditions, and your constant employment.

Rodents and lagomorphs. Types of rodents.

Of course, you can get a cat. These animals are very independent and very friendly with the owners. But what to do if you want to go away for a week or more? Just to take the cat to relatives or friends does not always work: not every family will agree even for a week to burden himself with such acquisition, and the cats are very naughty, to do something stupid. So if you tonosama that you will be traveling and have in mind there is a friend who is obliged during this time to care for your pet, it is better to have another, more undemanding pet.

The inhabitants of the underwater world

Fish are one of the most unpretentious creatures home. Yes, they are not Pat and not take on his hands, but behind them are very interesting to watch. They excitedly swim — and sometimes fly — among seaweed, chase each other, trying to discover something at the bottom, and then suddenly hiding. To care for them, we need food, oxygen and clean water. So that the pet will never go hungry, you can use automatic feeders to feed. They are very comfortable, can easily cope with the task without your participation and may exempt the owner from worries about the fish for a few days. The good thing is — the water filter that supplies the tank with oxygen and cleanse it of debris. So 10-12 days fish can survive without your participation in their lives.

Agile and nimble rodents

Among urban residents as home dwellers are very popular mice, hamsters, Guinea pigs and other rodents. For their maintenance you just need to acquire a spacious — depending on the size of pet cage, food and bowls.

Rodents are very low maintenance — they don’t need to walk, the cleaning area is reduced to the size of the cage or aquarium, they will not bother you barking or makaniem and not Wake the neighbors at night. The apartment is not to scatter fur and you won’t accidentally step in a fragrant puddle on the floor. The main thing — time to feed the animal once a week to change the sawdust or litter in the cage.

An important advantage of rodents in front of the fish, or reptiles — they can stroke, hold in your hand, to feel the warmth of a living being, which sometimes lack in our cold world. If at once to accustom the animal to the owner, this tiny little bundle to snuggle no worse than cats.

One of the main advantages of the rodent — appropriate for the busy city dweller mode. In the course of the working day, the animal will not be bored, because at this time he usually sleeps. When you come home from work, dear rodent will just Wake up and start their everyday activities: to clean, to eat, to drink, to climb over the cage and tirelessly to run in the wheel. While the mistress sleeps, restless creature will be fun to spend time in his cage, and in the morning gladly meet you a cheerful and good mood.

Curious exotic land snails

Large land snails are one of the most amazing and unusual Pets. They are perfect for those who suffer from allergies to wool or unable (or unwilling) to have a mammal or a cold blooded pet.

These amazing creatures are incredibly fragile, although the first impression about them and so I will not say. They are very sociable, curious and undemanding in care. Very interesting to see how tiny translucent baby gradually grow, gaining turns and patterns on the shell, to Mature and become adults. Throughout life, they are interested in studying the environment and love to swim. The lack of timidity, typical of other small Pets, allows the snails to be suave and calm this host after nervous working day. Besides, they are able faithfully to love, react to the vibrations the voice of his beloved and happily respond to the attention of the mistress, crawling on hands and exploring all around. By the way, the slime that snails secrete when traveling, very beneficial to the skin and has a moisturizing and healing effect.

For keeping such a friend needs a good home — an aquarium made of glass or Plexiglas, which must match the dimensions of the cochlea. For adults, the volume should reach about 10 liters per clam. So they will not be crowded, and they can travel through their territory. Many people use to land snails large plastic containers, because adults have a heavy shell scratches the glass, making an unpleasant squeaking, and the aquarium looks after this procedure, not very aesthetically pleasing. Apatinska snails are quite satisfied with the climate in the apartment, but rather keep them in a warm humid place so the air temperature was around 25 degrees. If the house will be colder than +20, then they just go into hibernation for weeks and can not get out from the shell. By the way, you can consider this option during your vacation! (joke)

For food snails need a variety of food fiber (all kinds of vegetables, fruits and greens), protein (gammarus or boiled chicken without salt), calcium (crushed eggshell, curd, Sepia). Water the snail is very simple — you just need to spray the walls of the terrarium with water. Crawling through the walls, the pet will lick off the drops. But the main thing — time to remove the food and change the land in the aquarium. If you begin the process of rotting, or the soil will start to turn sour, can harbour vermin and flies, and snails may get sick. On the weekend of snails without emotion can be left alone, but at the time of departure it is better to refer to someone from friends or relatives, or ask someone to come to you to feed the pet and spray the cage at least every other day.

You should not miss in a lonely apartment when you can make a living being and rejoice in his good mood and indefatigable lust for life. Let the new friend will bring into your life the heat will relieve the feeling of loneliness, will give affection and comfort. Even a little miracle can bring great happiness.

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