Vaccination of small animals

Here are some of the judgments that we face at the reception in the veterinary clinic, in the exercise grounds, walking with dogs, in a circle of acquaintances and friendly conversation. Of course, everything that concerns animals, the decision is usually made by the owner, and you will decide or not to vaccinate your pet, doctors can only provide information, recommend, may be to insist.

So, first we need to understand that infectious diseases have not disappeared, they exist and will exist for the simple reason that the population of viruses is maintained in natural foci of wild and stray animals. And the incidence in the population of domestic animals decreased only at the expense of mass vaccination.

Vaccinated dog and cat healthy, the owner and members of his family . Leptospirosis and rabies – two highly dangerous disease that is transmitted to humans from domestic animals. And if the leptospirosis disease is extremely unpleasant, but treatable, however, with a lot of complications, then rabies is not treated.

Remember bird and swine flu . All of the disease against which vaccinated dogs and cats are highly contagious, these viruses are stable in the environment.

Refusing to vaccinate or exercising regularly, we leave loopholes for virus survival and spread around us. They live, they adapt,they mutate. But virologists monitor all changes. Currently, canine and feline infections are not dangerous to humans, but where is the guarantee that one day this barrier will not be broken. And, better if between man and the natural nidus of the disease will be a reliable ring vaccinated Pets. This is a digression, but it has a right to be.

Decided to vaccinate, but I am afraid of complications . From them, unfortunately, nobody is insured. In this case it is important to understand that the global Virology and scientific and technical progress has stepped far forward. Modern vaccines are very safe for animals of all ages, starting from the first weeks of life and to deep old age. What you should pay attention to?

The animal at the time of vaccination must be healthy. The sick and weak animals vaccination is contraindicated. Just before the introduction of vaccine, the veterinary doctor should carry out a clinical examination of the patient with a measurement of the temperature of his body. If you notice signs of any disease or fever vaccination is postponed until clarification of circumstances.

Regular deworming. Worm infestation contributes to the development of weak immune response.

Complication are various allergic reactions. As a rule, they appear within the nearest hour, and taken antihistamines. Allergy as a complication of vaccination, there has been quite rare. Consult your doctor regarding any allergies your pet has and how to prevent it.

Even if the animal for vaccination prepared properly, problems can occur. Everything was fine, but the dog or cat got sick. During vaccination there is an exacerbation of hidden (latent) and chronic diseases. In this case we can recommend to treat the problems your pet to one doctor that you trust completely. He will know your pet, its medical history, choose the most favorable time for vaccination and try to minimize the risk of complications.

To the animals “from the street” – close attention . If you picked up on the street kitten or puppy, or took it from unauthorized nursery, for example, good women, which contains 20 cats in a Studio apartment, remember that most likely infected animal, especially kittens. To avoid problems with vaccination, be sure to show it to the veterinarian, who will examine the baby, will spend if necessary, laboratory studies and will give you the right advice. If signs of infection on admission is found, then a recommendation will be dewormed under the scheme, treatment of ectoparasites, and after a quarantine period (3 weeks), vaccination. This scheme helps to avoid the exacerbation of infections during immunization and to save the life of your new “family member”.

My home is my castle . This statement does not apply to agents of infectious diseases of cats and dogs. The plague dogs. panleukopenia. calicivirosis. rhinotracheitis cats – diseases that can be transmitted through clothing, care items, dishes, cages and vehicles. All domestic dogs and cats must be vaccinated.

The case paper . In the veterinary passport of your pet vaccination needs to be a stamp of the organization signature of the doctor who performed the inspection, and introduces the vaccine, the date, the name and series of the vaccine. This Entry is duplicated in the journal of the vaccination clinic. To avoid any confusion, especially vaccination against rabies, it is best to contact the veterinary clinic.

Protect your Pets, and you protect yourself and your loved ones from dangerous diseases and anxiety caused by illness beloved friend. Give each other the joy of communication and enjoy life.

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