Want to buy hamster?

Despite the fact that the hamster is quite undemanding pet, you need to always remember that we have the answer for anyone keep at home. Even the most unpretentious of creating need regular care.

Before you buy a hamster . answer the questions:

Where put the cage for your pet?

What do You know about caring for hamsters ?

Who will take care of the hamster during the absence (vacation, holidays)?

Hamsters live from one and a half to three years. It is convenient to contain budding animal lovers. These rodents will not take up much space, they are cheap, feed for hamsters too cheap.

Buy hamster better then, when he had turned half to two months.

The cage should be placed in a location that is not vented and does not overheat. Note that at night, the hamsters will be to lead an active lifestyle, so it is undesirable to put their house near the bed. No need to disturb a sleeping hamster day: upset animal may bite.

When selecting cells refer to the amount of not less than 50×30 (basis), preferably 100 centimeters. Best buy for hamster cage with horizontal bars so the child could climb on them.

The drinker and the feeder, which must be attached to the walls of the cell.

Mineral stone (or chalk).

Hay and a clean paper towels for a nest.

The bottom hostelite filler for rodents (sawdust, wood pellets or other gigienichnostju for rodents).

Can be placed in a cell with a toilet and a house for the hamster (focus on size).

Free wheel – a mandatory element of the hamster house!

Hamster is a solitary animal! If You put together a couple, or get constant “showdown”, or earlier offspring of homechat.

Hamsters are easy to get used to going to the toilet on a tray, so put Itin a cage to facilitate cleaning.

Don’ts in taking care a hamster ?

Cannot be used in bedding wool and Newspapers. A hamster can injure feet stuck in the wool, and ink is poisonous.

You can’t bathe a hamster in water, because the animal colds easily. Better set it to the bathing sand for chinchillas.

To play hamster around the apartment is undesirable. Organize a special corral with toys.

You cannot clean the cage too often: no more than 1-2 times a week because hamsters are important and need their “native” smell.

Do not feed hamster food to your table.

You cannot contain homechat older than two weeks in the same cage, because at this age they can mate.

Feeding the hamster it’s not troublesome, today there are a lot of special grain mixtures for these rodents. You can pamper your pet with special treats and even desirable to diversify the diet of green grass, fruit and vegetables. Attention! Never reproach hamster potatoes, cabbage, onions, sorrel, garlic, and exotic fruits.

If You will consider all recommendations for care and may become a responsible and caring owner for the little rodent, feel free to buy a hamster !

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