What is the impact of Pets on children, and whom to choose?

“Mom, buy me a dog! Or a kitten!” sooner or later the kid will say. At worst, ask a hamster, a rat or a bug.

Of course, problems with the cleaning, and not only, you will be added, but it’s worth it to see the loyal eyes of your pet and grateful, glowing with happiness, baby! Especially for baby Pets use much more than we think.

Animals discipline, as it is entirely dependent on the host, thereby contributing to a no routine in his day;

Animals lift your spirits — or rather, it rises by itself;

Animals to stimulate physical development — after all, they need to walk and play (by the way, the dog or cat is a great partner for games);

Animals do not give out secrets and relieve feelings of loneliness: they can be trusted with their children’s mysteries, sorrows and joys;

Pets strengthen the immune system (according to experts), and relieve many illnesses;

Animals help to develop sensory, curiosity, observation, sociability;

Animals develop a sense of responsibility and compassion.

As a rule, the children ask the dog. If you agree, select better restrained temperament. And best female – “girl” is more flexible. But do not raschityvala that a dog will unconditionally follow the commands of the baby. And that’s fine — after all, to her family – a flock and the leader of the host, while the child in her eyes — the younger brother.

As Pets needs

dogs: Labrador, Chow Chow, English and French bulldogs, spaniels, Royal poodle, a Fox Terrier;

dog babysitter: Scottish shepherd dog (“collie”), Newfoundland (“the diver”), Leonberger, great Dane, Shar Pei;

dog toys: the toy Terrier, miniature poodle, Pekinese, Chihuahua

But the dog-seventh year (“dominant”) — a pit bull stafforshire Terrier, bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Caucasian shepherd, Central Asian shepherd dog is not the best option for your child.

Price. In the poultry market for a puppy without papers you will pay from 100 to 300 UAH, from 1 00 to 2000-3000. E. the Most expensive breed — Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese (maltis).

Cats can earn as home therapists (purr and calm) and as a warmer (especially long-haired). Exotic want hairless beauty? Then buy the Sphinx or ubisense. Burmese cat goes for the owner, like a dog, and never scratched. But the representatives of the aggressive breeds (samka, Angora) to children to anything.

In General, safer for kids cats with claws removed. The operation of the “soft foot” is carried out in veterinary clinics. But it is a radical method of solution. Humane yet simple prevention is to regularly cut the claws yourself or in the veterinary clinic.

Price: “srednegorodskoy” a cat can be bought for 300-500 USD, and the Sphinx, for example, will cost not less than 300. E.

Our feathered friends – birds

It is very fragile creatures — don’t caress. But you can contemplate and love to listen to. Now popular Amadi-NY and large parrots (but these need to be on the alert — can pinch). Fans of trills like a Canary (but note: if you abuse birds don’t sing!). By the way, among most songbirds sing only males, so the price on them is higher than for females.

Price: from 50 UAH. to several thousand conventional units.

Rabbit is a very frail and sickly animal. A sharp mind is no different, but cute and touching animal. Sometimes smells bad and doesn’t like being held.

Price: 150-200 USD.

The ferret is now in Vogue. This manual ferret. Is a variety of oak species. Lives in a cage, to walk is not necessary, but should be fed not only grass, but also meat (good for wool) and to teach the do — not biting!

Price: ~ 200. E.

The chinchilla is a squirrel. You could even say, big-eared squirrel. Leads nocturnal. Chinchillas are long-tailed and short-tailed. This is a very mischievous and unintelligent animals. But popular big.

Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice. They take up little space and they do not have to walk. Rats require very little maintenance, easy to please. Hamsters — affectionate, unpretentious in food and care. But remember: if you purchase a pair, be prepared for numerous offspring.

Price: hamsters — from 40 UAH, mouse-rat — from 50 UAH, Guinea pig—200-300 UAH.

This is an excellent tool for the prevention of any neurological disorders. Of course, the fish cannot touch it, but very interesting to watch. Their main drawback is the demands: you have to create special conditions and to comply with all rules of care. Novice farmers it is better to choose low-maintenance breed, living in fresh water — catfish, guppies, swordtails, Molly.

Price: one fish can cost anywhere from 20 to 100 UAH, but there are expensive — 800-1000 USD.

Here is a unpretentious cute animal that eats mostly grass and does not require special care. By the way, according to the theory of Feng Shui, brings happiness into the house. Usually in the winter turtles hibernate and come alive only in the spring. But if you will light and heat the house, feed the turtle fresh vegetables-fruits, it may defer its dormant until the hard times.

Price: from 50 to 200 UAH, depending on the breed and size.

Lizards, iguanas and snakes to make friends with small children are not recommended. The fact that they are imported into Ukraine illegally, so avoid exotic sores, the better. you know. In addition, their children generally are afraid.

The physical “damage” (scratches, bites) and infections transmitted by animals.

Infection is leptospirosis, rabies (transmitted by dogs), toxoplasmosis and bartonellosis (transmitted by cats), intestinal worms, ringworm, fleas (four-legged), psittacosis (birds). But it’s all preventable, if immediately after the purchase to show the animal to the vet and get him the necessary treatment (to expel worms) and vaccinations.

Animals need to be given time. To care for the animal, especially at first, basically have all the same parents. And often even bother with him, as with a small child. If it’s a dog, in any weather, you are sick or healthy, to walk it at least twice a day. A puppy is generally on demand, gradually increasing the time between walks.

Pet is another item of expenditure (food, care, vet).

Have to teach your child the basics of interacting with the animals to each other is not harmed. For example, do not touch animal food or sleep, to drag it by the tail and the ears. You need to explain to the kid that the animal is not a toy and requires respect and care.

Need to bring a child to the care of the pet, so that he felt responsible: the three year old is already able to pour it in a bowl of water, wipe the glass of the aquarium.

And: the animal, even the most funny, little and clean, should not sleep with the baby in the same bed — take the animal to a specific place, preferably not in the child’s bedroom.

“. nothing in the world Baby! so yearn to have, like a dog. ”

Animal in the house is wonderful. Just remember: you are responsible for what we have tamed.

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