Dating, bumble, the c a wave of use

British GQ. Want to get paid to go on dates, make friends, and network around the c a wave of use world? Salon Sign up when you arrive at the Hive to get a complimentary braided hairstyle.

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Well, um, now one lucky Bumble user actually can. So basically, if you're comfortable live-blogging your dating life even the not-so-glamorous parts or what it's actually like to make adult friends IRL and you want to fly around the world for free doing so, this might be the job for you.

Everything about the sunny tube evokes a day at the beach, from the bright blue and yellow packaging to its deliciously aquatic scent. Or it could be the double dose of Benadryl she took before dinner after an unexpected brush with a cashew; she is deathly allergic to nuts.

I am happy to report that instead of blacking out after the first trial run, I immediately took 50 selfies.

Dating, bumble, the c a wave of use
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