Find the best gay bar gay nightlife scene in Marseille

GAYS IN PARIS! - Jul 31, 2014

This page is sponsored by Alyson Adventures , which offers a wide variety of active vacations for gay men and lesbians. All rights reserved The hotel has a swimming pool, eight meeting rooms the largest of which can accommodate up to people , a cocktail bar, a gastronomic restaurant and a spa.

While Venice has few official gay bars, LGBT travelers need not worry about visiting any of the local spots for a good time. All across town, museums, hotels, even entire neighborhoods are getting major facelifts.

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  • The entire city is now in the final stages of a dramatic makeover, in preparation for its upcoming role as a European Capital of Culture throughout A vespasienne in , left, and the last one left today, right.
  • A few must-do's in Marseille: Wander the narrow streets of Le Panier, the city's oldest neighborhood, first settled by the Greeks, and now home to myriad captivating shops and cafes; try bouillabaisse in the city where it was born, at one of the select restaurants that locals consider the best asking for advice will be part of the fun ; and set sail for the nearby Calanques, a series of spectacular rocky inlets just east of the city center. Backend Developer.
  • The lack of a particular gayborhood -- plus that infamous salty tough-guy image -- means that you likely won't see a lot of public displays of same-sex affection here.
  • Foreigners fascinate the French, and Paris is full of them. Plenty of guides exist to help you choose your course.
  • View the Gay Scene in Venice. Tropez is possibly the most famous of these, a little "A-gay" universe unto itself.
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Find the best gay bar gay nightlife scene in Marseille
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