Please understand that I don t hate homosexuals

Be at peace. Homosexuality will be a big set back to the natural behavior and cultural patterns across the globe. I dunno, I guess I grew up in such a manner where I was taught that its ok for others to be different which makes me feel normal knowing that everyone is different Homosexuality is clearly condemned in the Bible.

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  • Did God create blacks? If you think such categories are ridiculous, think again.
  • You will not die if you do not have sex will you. We, Christians, aren't judging homosexuals.
  • Did some engage in friendly conversation with you? I talked to him later about that kiss and he said that "he felt something really strong for me" "That he loved me" and then I told him: "You might be gay" and he said "No, I feel this only for you and for no one else".

These things were unanimously clarified by the Church and are treated with pastoral care. L'acteur a fait preuve d'un sacré courage, alors qu'il se baladait tranquillement dans une rue de New York. Because the Church confirms there are reasons for marriage other than procreation, the Fathers do agree that it would be better to grow into an abstinent state after menopause.

Please understand that I don t hate homosexuals
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